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About Director - Dr. Prem Magu

Apurva Hospital

Dr. Prem Magu
Director-Apurva Hospital

Dr. Prem Magu, MBBS, MS (Surgery) is a stimulating and lively personality having an open mindset and keen intellect. The pains and sufferings of the people in his surroundings and the lack of good medical facilities in his home town instilled in him a desire to set up his own hospital that would be at par with the best in the world. Apurva hospital is the brainchild of this intense desire. A strong work ethic coupled with sincere efforts, commitment and hard work, have made him a surgeon of great repute. Dr Prem Magu holds a rich and varied experience in the healthcare industry. He has held various prestigious positions during his tenure of service.

Having served at PGIMS Rohtak; RML hospital, New Delhi; ESI hospital Faridabad and B K hospital Faridabad, Dr Prem Magu embarked upon the journey to Apurva hospital in the year 1992. Dr Magu is an active member of ASI, Surgeon Forum Faridabad and MIS Forum. He renders honorary services to various NGOs, Old age homes and Kushtashrams.

From the Director’s Desk

A brand name in the healthcare industry, Apurva hospital has had an arduous journey to reach the enviable position that it has achieved today. It has succeeded in its mission of delivering excellent quality healthcare services to all sections of the society. We, at Apurva hospital, truly stick to our motto of ‘to deliver the best to the rich and the poor alike’. This has, in fact, become the philosophy of every individual at Apurva hospital. Our endeavour is to offer world class treatment to one and all at reasonable prices.

Ever since its inception in 1992, there has been no looking back for Apurva hospital. It has been continuously upgrading its facilities and technologies to reach the position that it proudly holds today. Endowed with a greater sense of responsibility and commitment, we strive to uphold, promote and nurture the social fabric of the society at large. We, at Apurva hospital, continuously and earnestly strive to scale newer heights in the quest for excellence. Today, our hospital has carved a place for itself in the hearts of thousands of people when it comes to assurance of patients’ well-being. The hospital, having achieved very high standards of healthcare along with administrative efficiency, has succeeded in its accreditation from NABH.

With the showers of blessings from the Almighty, Apurva hospital is driving itself on to the path of excellence. Our mission is not simply to survive, but to thrive. Whatever we do, we do it with passion, compassion, sense of responsibility and utmost care.

We, at Apurva hospital, savor every moment spent in making a person’s life healthier. Our efforts provide us a great sense of satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment. I congratulate the entire team of hospital staff for their commitment to the cause. I pray to the Almighty to give us the strength to be able to serve the society in a better and more efficient way.