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Ambulance service is available for emergency patients to reach hospital as quickly as possible. When a certain condition is beyond the limits of our facilities, ambulance is also provided for transfer of patients to other hospitals safely and quickly.


A computerized diagnostic laboratory is set up in the hospital that aids in early and accurate diagnosis of the disease, assessing the severity of disease and monitoring the progression of disease. Stringent quality is maintained with proper asepsis to prevent contamination of sample and error in reporting by ensuring proper sample collection by trained laboratory staff and storage and processing of the sample as per the prescribed guidelines.


Apurva Hospital prides itself in having one of the finest nursing staff available. Well qualified, trained, experienced and dedicated nurses provide not only quality management but also a friendly and caring atmosphere to the ailing and the sick alike.


24 hour dedicated pharmacy is available in the hospital premises with qualified and friendly staff. Apart from medical drugs and surgical equipment, products of personal hygiene, nutritional supplements, baby-care products, toiletries are also available in the hospital pharmacy. The staff at the pharmacy is trained enough to provide all the necessary information regarding the drugs such as appropriate timings for taking the medicines, possible side effects etc.


Apurva hospital offers excellent Radiology services that aid in accurate diagnosis of the disease. These services are available throughout the day. The latest ultrasound machine operated at the hands of experienced ultrasonologist assures error diagnosis.


Emergency services, managed by doctors and nurses specifically trained for working under extreme pressure are available in the hospital round the clock. The doctors and the staff ensure rapid management of trauma and life threatening conditions.