Room Rates

Room Rates

S. No. Room Category Charges/Day
1. Deluxe Rs. 3500/-
2. Private AC Rs. 3000/-
3. Private Non AC Rs. 2500/-
4. General Ward Rs. 1500/-
5. ICU Rs. 7000/-
6. NICU Rs. 5000/-

Basic for computing of bed cares are as follows

  • (a). Up to 6 hour is counted as half a day.
  • (b). 6 hours & above up to 12 hours is counted as full day care.
  • (c). 12 hours & above up to 24 hours is counted as one day.
  • (d). Maximum 2 hours grace time is granted of the day of discharge.

Note: Billing cycle is from 12 noon to 12 noon.

When a patient is admitted to ICU bed directly, the charges for procedure/surgery will be in line with the rates applicable in private room. However if the patient opts for doing category, the surgeries/procedures will be charged as per the charges applicable to the type of deluxe category of the bed.

In case the patient is shifted from lower category to higher category, the charges for the consultant visits, investigation charges and operation charges from the date of admission will be according to the higher category.

Critical care charges are in addition to room charges intensive care monitoring charges include bed to bed nurse’s care round the clock, critical care consultants cover round the clock, continuous state of art monitoring for all vital parameters.